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    Lloyd & Bouvier Model LS16-36 PPO, 5HP Black Max AC motor, 5HP Allen Bradley drive, electrically activated hydraulic power pac lifting of gate arms, manually adjustable pintles, reel weight capacity 5000#, reel diameters from 16" to 36" and reel widths from 12" to 26", line speeds to 150 fpm. Ideal for braiding, cabling and taping applications. For additional information about this or any of our payoff models, please call Lloyd & Bouvier.


    Lloyd & Bouvier Shaftless MD 1250 MM Tension Payoff, designed for medium duty applications with reels to 6000 lbs and line speeds to 600 fpm. Machine is constructed of a modular steel weldment base, frame supports and arms are cast. Gate arms are raised/lowered via dual hydraulic cylinders, and motorized for in/out operation. Tension/braking is controlled via multi-puck pneumatic clutch through 10-90psi range. Operator controls are easily accessible. Also available in a driven version with dancer control. For additional information about this or any of our payoff models, please call Lloyd & Bouvier.


    Lloyd & Bouvier HD 50" Shaftless Payoff constructed of welded steel plate frames for maximum strength. Reel raised/lowered with pneumatically loaded cylinders for reels up to 6,000 lbs and diameters from 24" to 50". Selector switches for up/down and in/out operation mounted on gate arm. Gate arms positioned with dual AC gear motors for reel centering via Acme threaded rod, adjustable for various reel widths. Main drive is 10 HP Black Max AC Vector duty motor with in-line reducer for line speeds to 1,000 FPM on 18" barrel. Electrical controls mounted in NEMA panel on machine frame with through door disconnect and Allen Bradley Powerflex 40 variable speed AC drive. For more information on this, or any of our payoff models, please call Lloyd & Bouvier.


    Lloyd & Bouvier Dual Shafted Powered Payoff with integral dancers. Unit is designed for light tension products, line speeds to 750 fpm maximum, wire awg sizes 26 to 34, reel size to 16" with arbor size as required. Machine mounted on locking casters for portability. Dancers provided mounted on machine frame. Upper sheave assemblies mounted at appropriate wire line height. Dancer sled travels on linear bearing slide, with varying weights for optimal tension control. Linear transducers provide signal to motor controller for reel speed. Powered via AC motors and Allen Bradley controller. For more information about this, or any of our payoff models, please call Lloyd & Bouvier.


    Lloyd & Bouvier 8-Station 24" Drag Payoff, cantilever shaft style. Constructed of four pieces of 3" x 10" channel welded to end frames. Four shafts per side, each shaft with catinary arm pneumatic tension control via 2-, 4-, and 6-puck activated clutch. This style payoff is available in various reel size and number of station configurations. For more information about this, or any of our payoff models, please call Lloyd & Bouvier.


    Lloyd & Bouvier LB HD 1000 Shaftless Powered dual Pay-offs. Black Max AC Vector Duty Motor with inline reducer. Reels raised/lowered with pneumatic cylinders with two positional hand valves. Reel weight capacity of 2K lbs or more. Motorized pintles for in/out. Gate arms are electrically operated for in/out operation. Suitable for reel flange from 18" to 40" (1000 mm). This is a L&B designed NEW dual pay-off solution. Available size from 800 mm to 72". Also available as single pay-off.


    Complete cone flyer pay-off system consists of Lift Trucks/Jack Stands: Manual or fully powered trucks for reels weights up to 5000 lbs. Available with motorized flyer rings or brush cap assembly. Trucks can be mounted on V groove tracks. Dual Cones: Dual cones are constructed to provide a continuous supply of conductor to extrusion or other processing lines. The two conical hoods are connected with a connecting slot. Exit of cone is reinforced with rolled 3/8 inch rod for protection. Units are mounted on frame, with heavy duty sound deadening material. Dual plane Straightner: Dual plane wire straightner mounted on a pedestal located immediately after the dual cones exit. Tensioner: Belt wrap tensioner for product tension for large wire. 12 inch diameter sheave with 3/8 inch groove for large bend radius. Tension controlled with 0 to 90 VDC electric tension brake. Three wheel tensioner for fine wire with two hysteresis brakes. 4 inch diameter sheaves with rubber grooves.

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